Episode 9 – John Snow

Outside: a sky covered with 50 shades of grey, and temperatures just above 0°C. Inside: a nice, warm stove, a comfortable couch and warm drinks. It would be the perfect conditions for the Christmas holidays…  Add some snow and the magic begins!

This kind of scenery calls for an appropriate meal, so thank you Wim and your chicory rolls…

Of course we need to do some recording today as well, but as we tracked the last of the drums last night, we first have to clean things up a bit. All drums, cymbals, cowbells, tambourines and what not gets cleared away to make room for… room.

This is the ideal setting for some bluesy ad snappy soloing. A most magical moment happened when Daniël and Jan performed an accoustic piece of brilliance and simplicity. No pictures there, that moment belongs to the THI 2018 team.

3 a.m., checking out.


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