Episode 8 – Beef stew

Sunday Wim and I took a break from the studio environment, because family is important too…

Recapping yesterday’s takes turned out to be a nice surprise for us, good job Daniël! Today was all about building on top of that, and started out with some vocal layering. We needed a deep, sexy, Barry White. He wasn’t available, so we went for the THI version, Wim.

He does an amazing impression…

Next on the bucket list was a new song, so we started tracking the basics. When that was done, we all agreed to drop 2 of the 13 songs, so this was the last song the drums were required. The result of 8 bashing cymbal days?

The cymbals won’t sound the same on any song, I can tell you that much. They even start to vary in sound during one single take… To the kind people lending me some cymbals: no worries, those are mine and were already a little roughed up before coming to the studio. Your cymbals are fine!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

“Bellies be filled with stew!” he said. Thanks grandma Jan!

Last up for the night, choir vocals, funeral style.

This is definitely going to be an interesting album! Be sure to get it 😉


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