Episode 6 – Betsy

Recording a cowbell heavy song, with just one thin sounding cowbell? No problemo, Bert and Jan have got a solution for everything! Just contact mic the damn thing and pitch shift, harmonize and put on some ferry dust… They made a whole group of cowbell tracks, and called ’em Betsy. <3

Apart from the cowbell, today was a very Daniël flavoured day. He put on a lot of guitar dubs, the first solo of the album and 2 lead vocals. Well done bondo!

When he was resting his mind, it was time for a little experimental sauce. Earlier on the day I opened up a broken pair of headphones to see if it was still salvagable. That turned out not to be the case… Only one speaker functioned. But for a dynamic microphone to work, you only need one diaphragm to move, right? Time to reverse the laws of physics and do some vocals through a Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro microphone, uh headphones, wait, what?

Bane truly did an awesome job here…

At the end of the day our progress sheets started to look a lot like a game of 4 in a row, which is kind of the point!

By the way, we finished our song for De Nieuwe Lichting today. It didn’t turn out to be the one we previous to the studio thought it would be, so surprise, surprise…

Tomorrow break day for Wim and me, Daniël is again going to be put to work.

Keep on rocking!


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