Episode 5 – Lukaku pt. 2

Time to execute the 2nd part of yesterday’s initial plan. It’s a moody barstool blues song, so setting the atmosphere is crucial. Especially when the song should sound like 2 a.m. and a lot of whisky, and it’s 11 a.m. and no whisky.

Something is still missing… 2 a.m. mood – check, whisky – check, guitar – check, bass – check, drums – check, piano –


Who knew that a piano with pushpins on the hammers sounds like a harpsichord?

The songs tracked really well, and we were in the right mood to dive deeper into it, so we started layering and finally also… vocals!

This one is nearly finished now, just needs a big ass solo and we’re good to go… That’s something for tomorrow, tonight we party!


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