Episode 4 – Lukaku

Epic Thursday could also be this post’s title… Great sounds and great vibes are what characterize the day. But to achieving those sounds, we (ok, me) have to start right at the source.

While the rest is doing other useful stuff as well…

After DIY’ing some bass electronics, we agree to focus on 2 songs for the remains of the day. It’ll turn out to be just 1 song, but whoa… Some quotes while recording:

“Doe alsof ge Romelu Lukaku zijt” – “Pretend to be Romelu Lukaku
“Da’s godverdomme strakker dan Betsy haar kontje” – “Shit, that’s even tighter than Betsy’s ass

Meet Betsy, below, on the right.

Back to the sounds now… Made some gangsta rock today with nifty techniques:

Vertical synth

Stereo floor toms

Trash can lid drumming

and a lot more crazy shit… You’ll find out soon enough how it’s gonna sound, but it will (oh yes it will) be awesome!

First time we’ve seen Bert dancing so it’s probably a good sign?!

All that’s left now is a bit of decompressing and a good night sleep. Lot of stuff we need to do tomorrow. See you then!


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