Episode 3 – 3/4

Today was strange. Really… Twisted and wound up like those guitar cables you quickly had to move aside and then suddenly needed them anyway. You know, twisted.

It actually started real nice, searching for sounds on guitar, bas, drums and playing (a lot) with spacey FX.

With fresh minds and our sinusses still clear from yesterday’s hot sauce (thanks Daniël) we did some live tracking for a new song. And we tracked it again. And again. And again. Half a tracking day passed, just to realize that this was not the day for that song. Shit when it happens, but when it does you know it’s time for a short break!

Clearing the head again did work… We were able to live track another 3 songs! 3 out of 4, it’s usually not a bad result?!

Anyway, time for a good night sleep. It’s already 2 a.m. (I blame backups and crashed computers), and tomorrow will be another happy labour day.

Enjoy your Thursday, we will too!


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