Episode 2 – Sweat

Day 2 started at around 8:30 a.m. with yesterday’s leftovers. Is anything better than Wim’s Lasagne (yes, capital L!) on a Tuesday morning at GAM Studio? Not even possible…

Tuesday was an experimental journey of sounds. Contact mics on a cymbal as a room mic, rotating mics with record players, swinging them from the trees (well ok, no, but still… from a high beam) or putting them inside cupboards and unused piano’s, we had a lot of fun! Bert will confirm…

By the way, the secret to gigantic sounding bass? Microscopic amps (inside garbage cans to be 100% accurate), it’s that simple…

Apart from the technical stuff, day 2 was a very productive one. We tracked the basics of 3 songs and got into some serious dubbing, from nice and warm until wicked and crooked.

Bert in post day 2 pose?

Needless to say, we’re already looking back with a bit of melancholia on the 23rd of October 2018 but with a great deal of satisfaction on our minds.

Oh, why episode 2 is called ‘Sweat’? Apparently Jan’s nose starts to sweat when spicy food is in the room.

See you tomorrow!


P.S.: Thanks Tim for the pictures!


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