Episode 1 – The Arrival

22 October 2018, 9:00 a.m., in the dim morning light we arrive at GAM Studio. It’ll turn out to be a productive day, but first things first: group selfie time. Introducing: The THI 2018 winning team (left to right, Kris, Wim, Bert, Daniël, Jan).

The Arrival

After unloading a lot of sh*t from 4 stuffed cars and an overloaded trailer, we soon realise that 3 drumkits might be just a little over the top for just one day.

Drum collection

Hand picked and hand tuned by Jan and Kris, we soon gather a nice setup for the drums. Micing is a b*tch!

Drum micing

Meanwhile Daniël is playing Jenga with amps…

Guitar setup

Wim seems to be the more modest type of the bunch.

Bass Setup

To sum up a hard day’s work: the basics and some guitar dubs of the first song are tracked, and a nice setup is left for the days to come…

Quotes of the day:
“Dju, die broek is comfortabel!” (“Damn, those pants are comfortable!”)
“Bubblegum makes papa hungry!”


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